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Lab7 graded

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Lab 7 -- Feedback
Prelab - answers.txt: 30/30
1) whether doubly-linked list is suitable for memory allocator: 4/4
2) propose other data structures to keep track of allocated and free memory: 4/4
3) external fragmentation: 5/5
4) internal fragmentation: 5/5
5) first-fit: 4/4
6) best-fit: 4/4
7) worst-fit: 4/4
[12/12] The correct implementation of allocator_init.
[12/12] A clear explanation of the design of your supporting functions for dealing with various policies for contiguous memory allocation (best-fit, first-fit, and worst-fit). Your document should describe the API of your functions and how they are used in your custom memory allocator.
[12/12] The correct implementation of allocate.
[7/7] Your correct modification to the doubly-linked list module given to you, which should support your deallocate implementation.
[12/12] The correct implementation of deallocate.
[12/15] The implementation of a test suite that can verify that all the functionality of your custom memory allocator works without bugs.
Comment: memory test did not show how allocated and free list look like after allocation and deallocation
TOTAL 97 / 100.0
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