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Lab7 feedback for Pham, Son K. (skp011)
Philosopher: Philosopher wakes up, calls napping with thread-safe random value, and prints
status messages.
Score: 15 / 15
Main: Main creates 5 Philosopher threads and passes the correct id to each thread
[0..4]; Makefile created that builds dp executable.
Score: 15 / 15
Problem 1a - Philosophers Eat: Run problem1 and you should observe that no two consecutive philosophers are
eating at the same time.
Score: 20 / 20
Problem 1b - Philosophers Eat: Submitted a answers.txt file with answers to the following questions: (4
* Run your code for about 10 seconds. Do you observe any problems when your program runs? Report what you observe. (3 points)
* Based on your understanding of the code, how could deadlock possibly happen? (Hint: reason through all the four conditions to deadlock occurrence apply and explain if they all apply.) (3 points)
Score: 10 / 10
Problem 2 - Napping: Copy your program problem1.c, to a new file called problem2.c. Remember the
napping() function you created for your prelab assignment? In your Philosopher
function, add calls to napping() to try to encourage deadlock to occur.
Experiment with where to insert these calls and also with the lengths of naps
until you do observe deadlock in your test runs.
Score: 12 / 12
Problem 2 - Answers: Describe the situation you observed which lead to deadlock. (4 points for any
answers + 4 points for a correct answer)
Score: 8 / 8
Problem 3.1 - Left - Right: Each Philosopher thread can pick up its right chopstick first, if its id
number is odd, otherwise it picks up its left chopstick first.
Score: 8 / 8
Problem 3.2 - Lowest First: Each Philosopher thread picks the lowest-numbered chopstick it needs first.
Score: 8 / 8
Problem 3 - Answers: Discuss whether these solutions eliminate all the potential causes of
deadlock. If you conclude that they don’t, indicate what problem(s) can still
Score: 4 / 4
TOTAL 100.0 / 100
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