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"Lab 8 Graded "

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......@@ -17,7 +17,23 @@ with various policies for contiguous memory allocation (best-fit, first-fit,
and worst-fit). Your document should describe the API of your functions and
how they are used in your custom memory allocator.
Score: 10 / 10
Extra Credit: Once the functionality described above works to specification, you may want to
tackle an extra credit problem: you can check if the deallocated memory is
adjacent to any other chunk of free memory and consolidate the corresponding
free_list nodes into a single node representing the sum of the sizes of the
two original nodes. If you decide to go for this challenge, PLEASE place your
implementation in directory Lab8/extra-credit in which you will replicate the
entire source code tree. Submit this via git as usual. (You will need to have
the standard, un-optimized allocator for the next lab.)
Score: 30 / 30
Problem 2 [implementation]: 1. [10 points] The correct implementation of allocator_init.
2. [10 points] The correct implementation of allocate.
3. [5 points] Your correct modification to the doubly-linked list module given to you, which should support your deallocate implementation.
4. [10 points] The correct implementation of deallocate.
5. [15 points] The implementation of a test suite that can verify that all the functionality of your custom memory allocator works without bugs.
6. [10 points] A Makefile that builds all the files using in the implementation and in the testing of your custom memory allocator.
Score: 60 / 60
TOTAL 39.0 / 100
TOTAL 129.0 / 100
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