Commit 4ea612f6 authored by Eileen Cook's avatar Eileen Cook

"Finished grading lab 5!"

parent 1ede059c
......@@ -29,7 +29,19 @@ safe.
Score: 0 / 10
Comment: answers.txt file not found
problem 4: Circular_list_insert and circular_list_remove functions have the required
Score: 15 / 30
Comment: -15: insert and remove functions do not have the required synchronization (mutex & sem)
problem 5: Finally, flesh out the main() function in prodcons.c to bring everything
together. Your main() will read three command line parameters, all integers,
provided as in the example below. If the user tries to invoke your program
without these three parameters, your program should: (a) display a help
message indicating the correct usage (hint: use the structure in the example
below) and (b) exit with (-1) termination status.
Score: 20 / 20
TOTAL 40.0 / 100
TOTAL 75.0 / 100
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