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"Pre-lab 5 #2, Lab 5 #2 & 3 graded"

parent a3c98986
......@@ -10,7 +10,26 @@ compiles src/adt-test.c and places the executable in directory bin/.
Score: 20 / 20
Comment: Appears to be working, but in the future it would be helpful to show a test case where you insert more than the size of the list, or simply printing the entire array after each command so we can see what's going on
perlab2: 1. Describe succintly the difference between mutex and semaphore.
2. Write a couple of sentences to describe each of the six calls
1. pthread_mutex_init
2. pthread_mutex_lock
3. pthread_mutex_unlock
4. sem_init(3)
5. sem_wait(3)
6. sem_post(3)
Score: 10 / 10
problem 2: flesh out the functions that model producer and consumer threads. Work with
the code to verify that the numbers being generated to pass into usleep do
look random – you will have to restructure calls to rand_r so that you can
print the values to standard out for inspection.
Score: 10 / 10
problem 3: Create a file called answers.txt in which you explain why rand_r is thread
Score: 0 / 10
Comment: answers.txt file not found
TOTAL 20.0 / 100
TOTAL 40.0 / 100
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