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Week Day Topic Project [for week] 1 W Intro - what is wireless computing? What is rfid? none F RFID overview -- readers & tags & system interaction; History 2 M Why do reflections matter? MATLAB modeling of impedance W How do we represent reflections? [plot Gamma] F make smith chart in class 3 M [second Smith Chart work day] make smith chart W What is a VNA? [work with smith chart) F Displaying data from a VNA (implement matching) 4 M "Using Smith charts to shift impedances; display data in class, then start adding compoents" work with vna (implement calibration code) W Why does matching matter? [Max Power Transfer] F Overview of matching process for RF ports 5 M What is an antenna? make antenna with copper tape W What do antennas do F [Student antenna presentations] Take friis data (with antennas!) 6 M Propagation and Link Budget friss confirmation a/ antenna W Propagation and Link Budget (part 2) F "Friis exercise, measure Path Loss (and plot)" 7 M Simulation with AWRDE (microwave office) simulate diode harvester W Simulation with AWRDE (microwave office) p2 F Simulation with AWRDE (microwave office) p3 8 M PAPERS Presentations present papers W Finish presentations -- exam review F Exam #1 9 M Board overview // Intro Soldering solder boards W solder boards F [no class -- break] 10 M solder boards harvester efficiency W Harvester Characteristics F Measure harvester efficiency in class 11 M "Low power programming (MSP430, effective load)" "MSP430 program, read data out" W simple msp program -- beep (duty cycle) F MSP430 clocks 12 M FCC regulations && restrictions && importance of msp clock W Display data ouput -- FSK F CONTEST -- farthest beep 13 M CONTEST -- farthest data transfer W Assign final project F Final Project Meetings 14 M Final Project Meetings Work on final project W Final Project Meetings F Final Project Meetings 15 M Final Project workshop (test w/ full system) Demo final project W Final project presentations F Final project presentations Week,Day,Topic,Project [for week] 1,W,Intro - what is wireless computing? What is rfid?,none ,F,RFID overview -- readers & tags & system interaction; History, 2,M,Why do reflections matter?,MATLAB modeling of impedance ,W,How do we represent reflections? [plot Gamma], ,F,make smith chart in class, 3,M,[second Smith Chart work day],make smith chart ,W,What is a VNA? [work with smith chart), ,F,Displaying data from a VNA (implement matching), 4,M,"Using Smith charts to shift impedances; display data in class, then start adding compoents",work with vna (implement calibration code) ,W,Why does matching matter? [Max Power Transfer], ,F,Overview of matching process for RF ports, 5,M,What is an antenna?,make antenna with copper tape ,W,What do antennas do, ,F,[Student antenna presentations], 6,M,Propagation and Link Budget,friss confirmation a/ antenna ,W,Propagation and Link Budget (part 2), ,F,"Friis exercise, measure Path Loss (and plot)", 7,M,Simulation with AWRDE (microwave office),simulate diode harvester ,W,Simulation with AWRDE (microwave office) p2, ,F,Simulation with AWRDE (microwave office) p3, 8,M,PAPERS Presentations,present papers ,W,Finish presentations -- exam review, ,F,Exam #1, 9,M,Board overview // Intro Soldering,solder boards ,W,solder boards, ,F,[no class -- break], 10,M,solder boards,harvester efficiency ,W,Harvester Characteristics, ,F,Measure harvester efficiency in class, 11,M,"Low power programming (MSP430, effective load)","MSP430 program, read data out" ,W,simple msp program -- beep (duty cycle), ,F,MSP430 clocks, 12,M,FCC regulations && restrictions && importance of msp clock, ,W,Display data ouput -- FSK, ,F,CONTEST -- farthest beep, 13,M,CONTEST -- farthest data transfer, ,W,Assign final project, ,F,Final Project Meetings, 14,M,Final Project Meetings,Work on final project ,W,Final Project Meetings, ,F,Final Project Meetings, 15,M,Final Project workshop (test w/ full system),Demo final project ,W,Final project presentations, ,F,Final project presentations,
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