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adds list of software used in the course

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This course used:
However, it would not be difficult to replace the MATLAB items with Python/Matplotlib for an open source offering
2) SimSmith
This is free Java application that is very useful in visualizing matching networks.
3) AWR Design Environment
AWR currently runs an excellent option for educational institutions. Other simulation software could be used as well. The tool was used to simulate a) planar antennas and generate far-field patterns and S11 impedances and b) to run harmonic balance simulations of diode-based power harvesting / rectification.
Freely available from TI and used to program and debug the MSP430 microcontrollers.
5) BladeRF (hardware and software)
This was used as a quick way to generate a variety of frequencies and test performance of antennas and the logarithmic amplifier
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