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Course: ECE 490-ST Wireless Computing
Pre/Corequisite: Signals and Systems and Embedded Microcontrollers
These items were assigned as pre or co-requisities to the course with a goal that students have an idea of the frequency domain and the basics of programming a microcontroller. This would allow a junior to take this course. In schools that include microcontroller programming earlier in the curriculum, students may be equipped to take this course in their second year.
Course Description:
Introduction to emerging field of wireless computing. Topics will include the basics of RF engineering, wireless power transfer, low-power operation of microcontrollers.
This offering used [D. Dobkin, "The RF in RFID", 2nd Edition] as a textbook. It was required, but most students reported not using the book as a reference.
This offering also required that students have an MSP430 Launchpad. This tool, alongside Texas Instruments' CCS software, was used as a programming and debugging interface for the wiresless boards.
After successful completion of this course, you should be able to:
1. Describe the key features of an RFID system and how they differ from traditional communication systems.
2. Draw and use a Smith Chart to aid in engineering decisions.
3. Describe the function and utility of a Vector Network Analyzer.
4. Create a link budget using a propagation model.
5. Characterize a wireless power system.
6. Design low-power microcontroller programs.
7. Build a battery-free device.
Homework ... 20%
Class Project ... 30%
Midterm Exam ... 25%
Final Exam ... 25%
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