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# AI Cog Sci Final Project
## Description
For this project, we had the topic of AI and Education. We decided to create an intelligent tutor to help young children practice algebra problems. Our tutor uses equations of the form ax + b = cx + d to help the user learn how to simplify equations and solve for x. The user is prompted for input, and the tutor matches their input to a step in the expected problem solving process. If the user's input is correct, they will continue solving the problem, and if not then they will be given the correct step and asked to continue.
## Usage Instructions
To use the intelligent tutor, you will need python3 and the Python ACTR library. After you have these installed, in the main project folder, simply run '''python''' and you will be prompted for input as the user. If you would like to change the algebra problem you are working on, this variable is in the file, near the bottom. The initialization of the user state and tutor state takes an equation as an input and will need to be edited accordinly.
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import re
def compare_Equations(equation1, equation2):
equation1 = "".join(equation1.split())
equation2 = "".join(equation2.split())
eq1 = equation1.split('=')
eq2 = equation2.split('=')
eq1list = []
eq2list = []
for side in eq1:
for side in eq2:
return eq1list==eq2list
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