Authored by Lily Romano

Auto Scan Align via area between the curves

The code iterates over various shift values and calculates the area between the curves for a subset of the data points in each iteration. The subset width matches the peak to peak distances of the CCNC data set. That same CCNC data set is used and the new SMPS data is loaded shifted over by one. The two screenshots show the first and last iterations processed. The area between the curves only in the pink squares are calculated and the shift with the minimum value is selected.

This was written just as a prototype and has several assumptions that need to be worked through if this is the path to go down.

The primary of which is the "width" of the pink box below. Including the up tail of the CCNC data favors some shifts that might not be desirable but further testing and conversations need to be had.

First Iteration


Last Iteration


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