Release 2.1.1

[2.1.1] - 2019-07-09


  • The name of the folder is stored when opening a new or old project (#11)
    • For a new project, the parent of the folder of the source files is saved.
    • For an old project, the folder the .chemics file was located in is saved.
  • When saving a project or exporting Kappa data, the folder stored from above is presented as the default folder. (#11)
  • requirements-linux64.txt for dev environment installs
  • Supersaturation to Sigmoid Parameters screen (#1)
  • Scan identifying information to sigmoid parameters screen (#17)
  • When choosing to exit, either from the file menu or the main window's exit button, prompt the user if they want to exit or save if a run has been started. (#53)
  • Added hover details on Kappa chart (#19 partial)
    • Hovering over a line tell you which kappa line
    • Hovering over a point tells you the DP50 and supersaturation


  • Bug where end asymp truncates to 99.99 (#29)
  • Bug where supersaturation did not display correctly on the Scan Information screen (#2)
    • If more than one, will display both. E.g. 0.2, 0.5


  • Hid all side widgets with the exception of the Scan Information widget on load.
  • Changes to Help menu (#23 Partial)
    • New link to temporary user manual
    • New link to About window to display current version


  • Removed run reset code (#53)