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      Add CHANGELOG.md · c821ca49
      Lily Romano authored
      Add changelog to top level folder
      Add changelog to display in sphinx documentation
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      Store project folder for use in save and export · 0be5e79e
      Lily Romano authored
      Issue #11
      When opening files or an existing project, the project folder is saved.
      This information is used for the location to save projects or kappa
      files at a later data as well as used as the project name to set
      a default filename for both projects and kappa files.
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      Various small refactoring fixes · 388532ed
      Lily Romano authored
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      Completed Breakdown of File Parsing · bdf1abe1
      Lily Romano authored
      Data Parse process externally documented
      Stage one of resolving issue #8
      Code Comments updated to reflect what's documented
      Minor code fixes
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      Updates for PyInstaller on windows · 2c48e980
      Lily Romano authored
      Convert csv files to py for --onefile on pyinstaller
      Other misc updates for PyInstaller on windows
      Add gitignore to ignore spec files
      - This may change in the future.  Can run off spec files instead of manual commands.  Keeping it as manual commands for now as I'm not sure what will change in the future as the code structure is still fairly unstable.
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      updates for windows and versions · 7636bf96
      Lily Romano authored
      Update README with new version and conda CLI commands
      Update gitignore for cython build folder on win
      Other small fixes
      Add RESEARCH comment for optimize warning