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Lab 6 -- Feedback
Prelab: 25/30
Problem: [25/30] - dp.c
a) Philosophers work and napping(int t) works properly [15/15]
b) Main function works to specifications [10/15]
-should run forever, yours stops after a short amount of runs
Lab: 66/70
Problem 1: [30/30] - problem1.c
a) no 2 consecutive philosophers pick up chopsticks at the same time in problem1.c [20/20]
b) problem1 output [4/4]
c) In answers.txt: question 1.1 [3/3]
d) In answers.txt: question 1.2 [3/3]
Problem 2: [16/20] - problem2.c
a) successfully achieve deadlock in problem2.c [8/12]
-does not reesult in a deadlock after 10 seconds
b) output of problem2 [4/4]
c) In answers.txt: question 2.1 [4/4]
Problem 3: [20/20] - problem3-1.c problem3-2.c
a) Odd philosophers pick up right first, and even pick up left first in problem3-1.c [8/8]
b) Philosophers pick up lowest number chopstick it needs first in problem3-2.c [8/8]
c) In answers.txt: question 3.1 [4/4]
Makefile up to [-10]
a) Makefile compiles all files successfully
Grade: 91/100
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