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(0) prelab: 1 point each, 4 total] Exercise 1: Debugging questions answered correctly.
[2 points each, 12 total] Exercise 2: Answers for the register groups $at, $a0-$a3, $t0-$t9, $s0-$s7, $gp, and $sp.
[1 points each, 4 total] Exercise 3: Each instruction and its effect are described accurately.
[1 point each, 5 total] Exercise 4: Base conversions show intermediate steps and arrive at the correct result.
Grade: 25 / 25
Comments: Good!
(1) Exercise 1: All register numbers in mystery.asm converted to the appropriately named register. -1 for each register not converted. Comments added to mystery.asm clearly indicate an understanding of what the program is doing (not just what each line does in isolation).
Grade: 35 / 35
Comments: Good!
(2) Exercise 2: [20 pts] c_mystery.c was created and it implements the proper algorithm. [10 pts] using good coding conventions.
Grade: 30 / 30
Comments: Good!
(3) Exercise 3: generated c_mystery.asm using riscv-gcc
Grade: 10 / 10
Comments: Good!
TOTAL: 100 /100
Graded by:
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