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Lab 10 graded by

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FLAGS = -Wall -g
CC = gcc
EXE = bits floats inspector precision sum
all: $(EXE)
/bin/rm -f core *.o $(EXE) *~
(0) Prelab: Exercise 1-4: Function implemented in C. Logic is correct and only used allowed operators.
Grade: 0 / 20
Comments: Missing makefile, compilation issues
(5) Exercise 5: Added the correct values for one_half_single and one_half_double.
Grade: 10 / 10
Comments: Good!
(6) Exercise 6: inspect_float and inspect_double work correctly. Implemented f2u and u2f.
Grade: 25 / 25
Comments: Good!
(7) Exercise 7: precision implemented. Comments have the correct value for the next float after 1.0. Comments discuss how precision changes for large/small numbers.
Grade: 25 / 25
Comments: Good!
(8) Exercise 8: sum added with comments describing why it doesn’t work as-is. Implemented the is_near function and modified sum to use it with an appropriate epsilon.
Grade: 20 / 20
Comments: Good!
TOTAL: 80 /100
Graded by:
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