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# Wikipedia Scrapper
# Wikipedia Quick View
#### Introduction
This program is focus on
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This project focuses on create a quick view of terminology
by searching in wikipedia. The GUI is a web-based html file
that support searching the top relevant contents from wikipedia
#### Project structure
1. All the GoLang file ending with `.go` is the source code
2. [go.mod](go.mod) contains the all the required package needs to be installed
3. [Environment file](assets/.env) contains necessary configuration information that will be used by program
4. [HTML file](assets/index.html) the web-based GUI page
5. [CSS file](assets/style.css) includes the aesthetic design for GUI
#### How to use
1. Compile the source code
go build -o Server *.go
2. Run the server
3. Open your browser and entering
http://localhost:<port number>/
Default port number is set to 3000, so by default using the url:
4. In the text box, entering anything you want to search and press `ENTER`
5. The default number of articles is set to 5, you can change [here](wiki.go)
6. Client the title of any article for more details (jump to wiki page)
#### Reference
1. [Colly - Scraping Framework for Gophers](
2. [Go Doc - Goquery](
3. [Go Doc - Colly](
4. [Freshman - How to build your first web application with Go](
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