Commit 40cabc25 authored by fmg005's avatar fmg005

Wrapper for for the pump socket client

parent dc70671f
......@@ -3,9 +3,10 @@
using namespace CLA;
/* wrapper for tcp client */
Pump::Pump(const string& substance, const string& topic, const string& type) : m_substance(substance),
m_tcp_pump_client(topic, type) {
m_tcp_pump_client.initialize(); /* connection to server via tcp socket */
Pump::Pump(std::shared_ptr<CLA::LOGGER>& logger, const string& substance,
const string& topic, const string& type) : m_logger(logger), m_substance(substance),
m_tcp_pump_client(topic, type, logger) {
m_tcp_pump_client.initialize(); /* connection setup to server via tcp socket */
double Pump::getCurrentInfusionRate () {
......@@ -14,8 +14,9 @@ namespace CLA {
CLA::tcp_pump_client m_tcp_pump_client;
string m_substance;
double current_rate;
std::shared_ptr<CLA::LOGGER> m_logger;
Pump(const string&, const string&,const string&);
Pump( std::shared_ptr<CLA::LOGGER>&, const string&, const string&, const string&);
string getSubstance() const ;
double getCurrentInfusionRate();
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