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//By Dan Hyde; August 9, 1995
//A first digital model in Verilog
module simple;
// Simple Register Transfer Level (RTL) example to demo Verilog.
// Register A is incremented by one. Then first four bits of B is
// set to "not" of the last four bits of A. C is the "and"
// reduction of the last two bits of A.
//declare registers and flip-flops
reg [0:7] A, B;
reg C;
// The two "initial"s and "always" will run concurrently
initial begin: stop_at
// Will stop the execution after 20 simulation units.
#20; $finish;
// These statements done at simulation time 0 (since no #k)
initial begin: Init
// Initialize register A. Other registers have values of "x"
A = 0;
// Display a header
$display("Time A B C");
// Prints the values anytime a value of A, B or C changes
$monitor(" %0d %b %b %b", $time, A, B, C);
//main_process will loop until simulation is over
always begin: main_process
// #1 means do after one unit of simulation time
#1 A = A + 1;
#1 B[0:3] = ~A[4:7]; // ~ is bitwise "not" operator
#1 C = &A[6:7]; // bitwise "and" reduction of last 2 bits of A
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