Commit 65f0c03d authored by Robyn Speer's avatar Robyn Speer
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enable blacklisting particular assertions

parent 77993468
......@@ -11,11 +11,17 @@ from conceptnet5.languages import ALL_LANGUAGES
from conceptnet5.readers.wiktionary import valid_language
from conceptnet5.uri import conjunction_uri,get_uri_language, is_absolute_url, Licenses, \
split_uri, uri_prefix
from conceptnet5.util import get_support_data_filename
N = 100
CURRENT_DIR = os.getcwd()
def get_blacklist():
filename = get_support_data_filename('blacklist.txt')
return set(open(filename).readlines())
def weight_scale(weight):
This scale starts out linear, then switches to a square-root scale at x=2.
......@@ -119,15 +125,19 @@ def combine_assertions(input_filename, output_filename):
out = MsgpackStreamWriter(output_filename)
out_bad = MsgpackStreamWriter(output_filename + '.reject')
blacklist = get_blacklist()
with open(input_filename, encoding='utf-8') as stream:
for key, line_group in itertools.groupby(stream, group_func):
assertion = make_assertion(line_group)
destination = out
if assertion is None:
if assertion['weight'] > 0:
destination = out
if assertion['weight'] <= 0:
destination = out_bad
for value in assertion.values():
if isinstance(value, str) and value in blacklist:
destination = out_bad
# We should be able to address particular bad assertions by removing them.
# Here's one to start with.
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