Commit 637f125d authored by Robyn Speer's avatar Robyn Speer
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Re-introduce spacing to ENTAILED_RELATIONS

parent a08486d8
......@@ -105,6 +105,7 @@ OPPOSITE_RELATIONS = _make_symmetric_dict(
# be used either in querying or in learning about relations.
'/r/Antonym': '/r/DistinctFrom',
'/r/Causes': '/r/RelatedTo',
'/r/CausesDesire': '/r/RelatedTo',
'/r/CapableOf': '/r/RelatedTo',
......@@ -125,17 +126,25 @@ ENTAILED_RELATIONS = {
'/r/SymbolOf': '/r/RelatedTo',
'/r/UsedFor': '/r/RelatedTo',
'/r/dbpedia': '/r/RelatedTo',
'/r/FormOf': '/r/DerivedFrom',
'/r/HasFirstSubevent': '/r/HasSubevent',
'/r/HasLastSubevent': '/r/HasSubevent',
'/r/HasPrerequisite': '/r/HasSubevent',
'/r/MannerOf': '/r/Entails',
'/r/DefinedAs': '/r/IsA',
'/r/InstanceOf': '/r/IsA',
'/r/AtLocation': '/r/LocatedNear',
'/r/HasA': '/r/LocatedNear',
'/r/PartOf': '/r/AtLocation',
'/r/MadeOf': '/r/HasA',
'/r/Synonym': '/r/SimilarTo',
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