Commit 39ebb350 authored by Robyn Speer's avatar Robyn Speer
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Merge branch 'query-planning-fix' of into query-planning-fix

parents c6c776c9 47abd426
......@@ -13,7 +13,8 @@ RANDOM_NODES_QUERY = "SELECT * FROM nodes TABLESAMPLE SYSTEM(1) WHERE uri LIKE :
DATASET_QUERY = "SELECT uri, data FROM edges TABLESAMPLE SYSTEM(0.01) WHERE data->'dataset' = %(dataset)s ORDER BY weight DESC OFFSET %(offset)s LIMIT %(limit)s"
TOO_BIG_PREFIXES = ['/c/en', '/c/fr', '/c/es', '/c/de', '/c/ja', '/c/zh', '/c/pt', '/c/la', '/c/it', '/c/ru' ,'/c/fi']
TOO_BIG_PREFIXES = ['/c/en', '/c/fr', '/c/es', '/c/de', '/c/ja', '/c/zh',
'/c/pt', '/c/la', '/c/it', '/c/ru' ,'/c/fi']
WITH node_ids AS (
......@@ -89,7 +90,6 @@ def make_list_query(criteria):
if 'source' in criteria:
parts.append(", edge_sources es, sources s")
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