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Merge pull request #253 from commonsense/fix-kyoto-yahoo-reader-bug

Fix Kyoto/Yahoo reader bug
parents e325bc1f c487b6c1
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ def handle_file(input_filename, output_file):
parts = line.rstrip('\n').split('\t')
uri, start, rel, end, weight, source = parts
if uri == 'uri':
edge = make_edge(
......@@ -500,7 +500,8 @@ def read_rw(subset='dev'):
def read_jsim():
Read the Japanese rare-words dataset from Tokyo Metropolitan University.
Read the updated Japanese rare-words dataset from Karpinska et al.
lang1, lang2 = 'ja', 'ja'
for pos in ('noun', 'verb', 'adj', 'adv'):
uri rel start end weight source
/a/[/c/ja/α_テスト,/r/IsA,/c/ja/テスト] /c/ja/α_テスト /r/IsA /c/ja/テスト 3 Kyoto University & Yahoo Japan Corporation
/a/[/c/ja/α_テスト,/r/IsA,/c/ja/試験] /c/ja/α_テスト /r/IsA /c/ja/試験 3 Kyoto University & Yahoo Japan Corporation
/a/[/c/ja/β_テスト,/r/IsA,/c/ja/テスト] /c/ja/β_テスト /r/IsA /c/ja/テスト 4 Kyoto University & Yahoo Japan Corporation
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ def vocab(name):
Given a property such as 'rel', get its fully-qualified URL in our
JSON-LD vocabulary.
return "http://api.conceptnet.io/ld/conceptnet5.6/context.ld.json#" + name
return "http://api.conceptnet.io/ld/conceptnet5.7/context.ld.json#" + name
def api(uri):
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