Commit 65749dd6 authored by Ryan Pasculano's avatar Ryan Pasculano

Lab5/feedback added

parent 50b38292
Lab 5 feedback
Prelab 1 (circular-list):
convinces me that it works 20/20
Prelab 2 (answers):
1) mutex vs semaphore 4/4
2) lib calls 6/6
Problem 2:
Values produced by rand_r appear random 10/10
Problem 3:
explain why rand_r is thread safe 10/10
Problem 4:
using semaphore properly 15/15
using mutex properly 15/15
Problem 5:
program fails on improper command line arguments5/10
-5: segmentation fault with 0 arguments
program runs without bugs 10/10
Total: 95/100
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