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Lab 6 -- Feedback
Philosopher thinks, eats, and repeat 15/15
Main creates 5 Philisopher threads 10/15
-5: Only one philosopher is printed to the console.
All of the tids point to the same location so each
philosopher is pointing at the same tid. move the
variable declaration to insode the loop or create
an array of tids to avoid this issue.
Problem 1:
No 2 Philisophers are eating at the same time 20/20
output file exists 0/4
-4: file is empty
what problems are observed (answers.txt) 3/3
how could you deadlock? (answers.txt) 4/4
Problem 2:
force deadlock consistently 12/12
problem2.out shows deadlock 4/4
describe your deadlock (answers.txt) 4/4
Problem 3: 20
problem3-1 pick up based on parity 8/8
problem3-2 pick up lowest first 8/8
does this solve deadlock? (answers.txt) 4/4
Note: Deadlock is when nothing can happen, a long wait time
followed by eventually being able to execute a process is
not deadlock but it is something that should be avoided when
-5: No rules to make problem2, problem3-1, and problem3-2
TOTAL 86 / 100
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