Commit 25736288 authored by cdf009's avatar cdf009


parent 9e08a6cd
CC = gcc
CFLAGS = -std=gnu99 -Wall -g #-DDEBUG
all: $(EXECS) char-threads mytime summation
all: $(EXECS) char-threads mytime summation summation3 summation4
char-threads: char-threads.c
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -pthread char-threads.c -o char-threads
mytime: mytime.c
$(CC) $(FLAGS) mytime.c -o mytime
summation: summation.c
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -lm -lpthread summation.c -o summation
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -lm -lpthread summation.c -o summation
summation3: summation3.c
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -lm -lpthread summation3.c -o summation3
summation4: summation4.c
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -lm -lpthread summation4.c -o summation4
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