Commit 58d0edc6 authored by Alan Marchiori's avatar Alan Marchiori

added msg to know when we are current with a datalogger

parent f981f392
......@@ -169,6 +169,11 @@ class DataLogger:
self.last_collect['NextRecNbr'] = data[0]['BegRecNbr'] + data[0]['NbrOfRecs']
self.emit_all(tbl, data[0]['RecFrag'])
if more_flag:"{}.{} has more records to fetch".format(self.metric_id,
else:"{}.{} is current".format(self.metric_id,
#if self.data_callback:
#for rec in data[0]['RecFrag']:
#self.data_callback(tbl.dic_of_sensorTags, rec)
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