Commit 940aebe8 authored by apaj's avatar apaj

Fixed script

parent f86865bc
......@@ -56,8 +56,13 @@ do
export current_user=`who | awk '{print $1}'`
export LJHOME=$PWD
echo "export LJHOME=$PWD >> ~/.bashrc"
echo "export LJHOME=$PWD" >> /home/$current_user/.bashrc
echo "Home of Learning Journey set in \$LJHOME"
# Check for dependencies and install those that are missing
......@@ -141,9 +146,9 @@ if [ `dpkg-query -l | grep python | wc -l` -eq 0 ]
echo "python not present, installing..."
apt-get install python python3-pip python3-setuptools
echo "bison installed"
echo "python installed"
echo "bison already present"
echo "python already present"
# installing jupyter
......@@ -153,15 +158,14 @@ pip3 install jupyter
# installing jupyter-scala
git clone
cd jupyter-scala && ./jupyter-scala
# setting up the Chisel Jupyter Notebook
cd generator-bootcamp
mkdir -p ~/.jupyter/custom
cp source/custom.js ~/.jupyter/custom/custom.js
export current_user=`who | awk '{print $1}'`
chown -R $current_user:$current_user $LJHOME
# Installations finished, just give some instructions
......@@ -176,6 +180,6 @@ echo "
Once you've passed through those Wiki pages, please run:
cd $LJHOME/generator-bootcamp && jupyter notebook
cd \$LJHOME/generator-bootcamp && jupyter notebook
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