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Instructors (dbOwners) can **show** and **rm** database users as well.
## Importing and exporting grade data
DbOwners can access grade data directly using the **query** and **insert** commands. This can be useful for example to move students between sections. The commands below exports all grades for user *amm042* in course *CSCI206-S21-99* into the file *docs* as a JSON document. You could manually edit this file if needed but the **insert** command can selectively modify the path to replace the old course name with *CSCI206-S20-61*. You can also modify the username if needed (see the --help comments).
$lt db query amm042 --course CSCI206-S21-99 > docs
$lt db insert --course CSCI206-S20-61 < docs
Note, this doesn't delete the grade documents from the old course/username for safety.
## Global configuration
The tool is meant to be flexible with most configuration stored at the COURSE level. However, the file `config/` contains all globally defined values.
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