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Yet another test

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......@@ -83,6 +83,6 @@ var barcode = document.getElementById("BarcodeInput");
barcode.value = code;
<h3>~~<a href="/WAMI/WAMI/FinishScan.js">FinishScan.js</a>~~</h3>
<h3><a href="/WAMI/WAMI/FinishScan.js">FinishScan.js</a></h3>
### [FinishScan.js](/WAMI/WAMI/FinishScan.js)
This function is not currently used by the WAMI application as the Library Staff felt it would be advantageous to remove the change of clicking Finish before completing a scan, requiring another inventory of those sections to correctly mark books as missing or not. Finish scan is designed to finish an inventory scan, by emulating the Finish button on the RTI scan page. This ends up being very simple one line procedure to call the internal function that finishes a scan, `finishedScanning`, that the finish button on the page calls. This behavior can be added by following the pattern set forth by the other application buttons which call JavaScript functions.
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