Commit 55dce940 authored by Chris Dancy's avatar Chris Dancy

Changes to Mac ModelSolver and the Physio module

parent 192b350f
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......@@ -31,20 +31,26 @@
;;;Function to test for non ACT-R/Phi based events in queue (modified run function in scheduling.lisp to use)
(defun non-phi-events ()
(mp-modules-events 'procedural)
(mp-modules-events 'declarative)
(mp-modules-events :fatigue)
(mp-modules-events 'vision)
(mp-modules-events 'audio)
(mp-modules-events 'blending)
(mp-modules-events 'temporal)
(mp-modules-events 'goal)
(mp-modules-events 'imaginal)
(mp-modules-events 'motor)
(mp-modules-events 'speech))
(mp-modules-events 'procedural)
(mp-modules-events 'declarative)
(mp-modules-events :fatigue)
(mp-modules-events 'vision)
(mp-modules-events 'audio)
(mp-modules-events 'blending)
(mp-modules-events 'temporal)
(mp-modules-events 'goal)
(mp-modules-events 'imaginal)
(mp-modules-events 'motor)
(mp-modules-events 'speech))
(defun wait-delete-output (out-file)
(while (not (probe-file out-file)))
(delete-file out-file)
(error () nil)))
(defvar *HumModOutStream* (make-string-output-stream))
(defvar *HumModInStream* nil)
......@@ -130,9 +136,9 @@ t)
(let ((currTime (get-universal-time)))
(while (and (not (probe-file solverOutputFile)) (< (- (get-universal-time) currTime) max-wait)))
(error (e) (print (concatenate 'string "124 phys" (write-to-string e))))))
(error (e) (print (concatenate 'string "124 phys" (write-to-string e)))))
;;If we didn't get the output file, go back and do this all over again
(when (not (probe-file solverOutputFile)) (go resetAdvance)))
(when (not (probe-file solverOutputFile)) (print "Issue @ 141 - PT") (print (- (get-universal-time) currTime)) (go resetAdvance))))
;;Translate those output data (which are in an xml file) into a list
(tagbody parseValList
......@@ -172,8 +178,9 @@ t)
(model-output "Changing the following physiology: ~a~&" varValList)
;(format t "Changing the following physiology: ~a~&" varValList)
(let ((phys (get-module physio))
(setPhysMessage "\"<solverin>")
(timeOut 6))
(setPhysMessage "<solverin>")
(timeOut 6)
(num-param-changes 0))
;;Construct message to be sent to new HumMod Solver Process
;; -We must find the chunk in the hash-table because the request to HumMod is case sensitive
(dolist (v varValList)
......@@ -185,8 +192,9 @@ t)
(concatenate 'string
"<setvalue><var>" k "</var><val>"
(format nil "~10,$" (cadr v)) "</val></setvalue>")))))
(setf setPhysMessage (concatenate 'string setPhysMessage "</solverin>\""))
(format nil "~10,$" (cadr v)) "</val></setvalue>"))
(incf num-param-changes))))
(setf setPhysMessage (concatenate 'string setPhysMessage "</solverin>"))
(let ((solverOutputFile (concatenate 'string *HumModDir* "SolverOut" (phys-module-pipeID phys)))
(solverInputFile (concatenate 'string *HumModDir* "SolverIn" (phys-module-pipeID phys))))
(tagbody startGetVals
......@@ -222,6 +230,15 @@ t)
(and (not (probe-file solverOutputFile))
(< (- (get-universal-time) currTime) timeOut)))
(error (e) (format t "Error 214 Phys - ~a~%" (write-to-string e)))))
;;How many output files we should expect depends upon the number of param changes
(while (> num-param-changes 0)
(wait-delete-output solverOutputFile)
(print "236 PT")
(wait-delete-output solverOutputFile)
(decf num-param-changes)
(print "239 PT"))
;;;NEED TO CHANGE THIS. I need to wait for vals & parseout output file for *Each* parameter change
(format t "241 - PT~&")
#|(sleep 0.4)
(handler-case (delete-file solverOutputFile)
(error (e) (print (concatenate 'string "Error 217 Phys" (write-to-string e)))))
......@@ -290,7 +307,7 @@ t)
#+:ccl (ccl::cwd old-dir)
#+:sbcl (sb-posix:chdir old-dir)
;;Wait for the output file from starting HumMod, then delete it
;(while (not(probe-file solverOutputFile)))
(while (not(probe-file solverOutputFile)))
(handler-case (delete-file solverOutputFile) (error () nil))))
......@@ -346,7 +363,7 @@ t)
(let* ((phys (get-module physio))
(solverInputFile (concatenate 'string *HumModDir* "SolverIn" (phys-module-pipeID phys)))
(solverOutputFile (concatenate 'string *HumModDir* "SolverOut" (phys-module-pipeID phys)))
(init-vals-msg "\"<solverin>")
(init-vals-msg "<solverin>")
......@@ -363,7 +380,7 @@ t)
;Go through list returned by parsing and pull vals out
; and put into msg (assuming 1st 2 elements are ICS & time)
(print (length (cdr ics-val-list)))
;(print (length (cdr ics-val-list)))
;;[NO LONGER USED] Get correct order for variables (our ICS order may be incorrect)
#|(setf ordered-val-list (make-list (length (cdr ics-val-list))))
......@@ -385,7 +402,7 @@ t)
(concatenate 'string init-vals-msg "<val>" (remove #\Space (cadr (caddr var-val))) "</val>" (list #\newline) )))
;(format nil "~a~%<val>~a</val>" init-vals-msg (cadr (caddr var-val)))))
;Add closing tag
(setf init-vals-msg (concatenate 'string init-vals-msg "</sending_current_values></solverin>\""))
(setf init-vals-msg (concatenate 'string init-vals-msg "</sending_current_values></solverin>~&"))
;;Send new values to model solver
......@@ -426,16 +443,16 @@ t)
(initial-advance-time (format nil "~10,$" (phys-module-initial-advance phys)))
;Restart Utility Message (needed to start getting values from HumMod model solver)
(resetMessage "\"<solverin><restart/></solverin>\"")
(resetMessage "<solverin><restart/></solverin>~&")
;Get Variables Message
(getVarsMessage "\"<solverin><requestvarroster/></solverin>\"")
(getVarsMessage "<solverin><requestvarroster/></solverin>~&")
(concatenate 'string
"\"<solverin><gofor><solutionint>" initial-advance-time
"<solverin><gofor><solutionint>" initial-advance-time
"</solutionint><displayint>" initial-advance-time
(physVarList nil)
(physValueList nil))
;;Send restart message to solver
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