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So I can pull....

parent 14364076
......@@ -2,4 +2,3 @@
set actr_port 2650
set actr_address "localhost"
# Port settings for ACT-R server started at 21:32:19 5/31/2019
# Port settings for ACT-R server started at 21:18:46 6/18/2019
set actr_port 2650
set actr_address ""
set actr_address ""
......@@ -15,22 +15,14 @@ if $size_mismatch {
-message "The screen resolution is not the same as it was the last time the Environment was used. Should the window positions reset to the defaults?"]
} else { set reset_window_sizes 0}
if {$reset_window_sizes != "yes"} {
set window_config(.bufferstatus) 554x278+1270+771
set changed_window_list(.bufferstatus) 1
set window_config(.visicon) 1460x359+192+455
set changed_window_list(.visicon) 1
set window_config(.audicon) 870x148+845+620
set window_config(.audicon) 870x150+525+440
set changed_window_list(.audicon) 1
set window_config(.control_panel) 317x700+840+291
set window_config(.visicon) 1920x1001+610+440
set changed_window_list(.visicon) 1
set window_config(.control_panel) 235x700+1665+190
set changed_window_list(.control_panel) 1
set window_config(.declarative) 854x300+1070+570
set changed_window_list(.declarative) 1
set window_config(.whynot) 692x300+827+349
set changed_window_list(.whynot) 1
set window_config(.buffers) 763x240+551+347
set window_config(.buffers) 350x240+785+420
set changed_window_list(.buffers) 1
set window_config(.procedural) 1098x400+645+231
set changed_window_list(.procedural) 1
set gui_options(p_selected) #44DA22
set gui_options(p_matched) #FCA31D
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