Commit e09b129d authored by cldancy's avatar cldancy
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Fixed ModelSolver issue (issue w/ 32-bit lib dependency?)

parent e6b2b977
<ini> <ini>
<windowtop> 76 </windowtop> <windowtop> 76 </windowtop>
<windowleft> 76 </windowleft> <windowleft> 76 </windowleft>
<windowhigh> 200 </windowhigh> <windowhigh> 200 </windowhigh>
<windowwide> 377 </windowwide> <windowwide> 377 </windowwide>
<windowstate> 0 </windowstate> <windowstate> 0 </windowstate>
<pipeinterval> 10 </pipeinterval> <pipeinterval> 10 </pipeinterval>
<hidewindow> False </hidewindow> <hidewindow> False </hidewindow>
</ini> </ini>
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