Commit 8f70c916 authored by CD's avatar CD
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Fixed small issue I created by modifying load act-r for a test...

parent b2741399
# Port settings for ACT-R server started at 16:00:44 9/15/2020
set actr_port 2650
set actr_address ""
# Port settings for ACT-R server started at 06:20:25 9/21/2020
set actr_port 2653
set actr_address ""
......@@ -422,7 +422,6 @@
;(format t "Returning ~S from directory of new-path: ~s which returns ~s.~%" res new-path new-val)
(cl::directory pathname))))
;;; Create the logical host "ACT-R" relative to the current location
......@@ -589,7 +588,6 @@
;; For now, assume quicklisp is available, but eventually want to include local
;; versions with the sources so it can be loaded without them too.
#+(and (not :QUICKLISP) (not :single-threaded-act-r)) (eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(when (probe-file "~/quicklisp/setup.lisp")
(load "~/quicklisp/setup.lisp"))
......@@ -668,7 +666,6 @@
:default-value (if *actr-minor-version-string* (read-from-string *actr-minor-version-string*) 0) :warning "unmodified"
:documentation "The minor software version"
:handler (fixed-version-parameter-value (if *actr-minor-version-string* (read-from-string *actr-minor-version-string*) 0)))
(defun valid-version-test-string (val)
(if (eq val t)
......@@ -775,10 +772,7 @@
(smart-load (translate-logical-pathname "ACT-R:core-modules;") "core-loader.lisp")
(dolist (the-file *file-list*)
(when (string-equal the-file "declarative-memory") (continue))
(smart-load (translate-logical-pathname "ACT-R:core-modules;") the-file))
......@@ -789,7 +783,6 @@
;;; When a new device is added it should be included with a switch below so that it can be loaded
(defvar *device-interface-pathname* nil)
;;; Here are the devices that are defined
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