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Let's see if this fixes linux issue

parent 4814f6bc
......@@ -68,7 +68,8 @@
;;;Custom Physiology Function Section
;;HumMod Directory variable
#+:windows (defvar *HumModDir* (subseq (namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*) 0 (search (file-namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*) (namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*))))
#-:windows (defvar *HumModDir* (subseq (namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*) 0 (search (file-namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*) (namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*)))) ;(defvar *HumModDir* (substitute #\\ #\/ (subseq (namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*) 0 (search (file-namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*) (namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*))) :from-end t :count 1))
#-:linux (defvar *HumModDir* (subseq (namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*) 0 (search (file-namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*) (namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*))))
#+:darwin (defvar *HumModDir* (substitute #\\ #\/ (subseq (namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*) 0 (search (file-namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*) (namestring *LOAD-TRUENAME*))) :from-end t :count 1))
;;We use this so we have a reference to the next update-event that is scheduled to be run
(defvar *nextUpdateEvent* nil)
......@@ -335,7 +336,7 @@ t)
(model (concatenate 'string
"\"<root><model>" *HumModDir* "HumMod.DES</model><pipeid>"
pipeID "</pipeid></root>\""))
(hide-gui "\"False\"")
(hide-gui "\"True\"")
(non-gui-version "\"False\"")
(activity-timeout "60"))
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