Commit 151bec95 authored by Chris Dancy's avatar Chris Dancy
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Change to test something with linix Phys Module

parent 6b931eed
......@@ -340,7 +340,7 @@ t)
#+:linux "./ModelSolverLinux"
(pipeID (phys-module-pipeID phys))
(solverOutputFile (format nil "~aSolverOut~a" *SolverPipeFileDir* pipeID);(concatenate 'string *SolverPipeFileDir* "SolverOut" pipeID))
(solverOutputFile (format nil "~aSolverOut~a" *SolverPipeFileDir* pipeID));(concatenate 'string *SolverPipeFileDir* "SolverOut" pipeID))
(model (concatenate 'string
"\"<root><model>" *HumModDir* "HumMod.DES</model><pipeid>"
pipeID "</pipeid></root>\""))
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